#8 Schoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions (Top Dawg Entertainment)

Our Rating

4 Technical wordplay

7 Lyrical genius

9 The Boom-bap

7 Harmony

8 Hooks

9 Album cohesion

I dont usually listen to this style , i find at times the production to be hollow of anything that makes you want to dance, scream for more or say you were there, saw, did such n such. There’s something about this album that changed that for me . Lyrics that aren’t multi-syllabled but feel complex in a way only Schoolboy could explain and production stripped of everything until all your left with is speakers backed in a corner willing to smack you down or run to you in aid. Kendrick may have taken the light but label mate Schoolboy Q holds his own on something he promised years ago. Gangster? maybe. New school ? hardly . Replay value? mos def.


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