#5 Maundz: Zero (Crate Cartel)

Our Rating

8 Technical wordplay

7 Lyrical genius

8 The Boom-Bap

7 Harmony

5 Hooks

8 Album cohesion

Well shit, i know you must think whaaa? above Kendrick? The answer is simple, No gimmicks, no front, real lyrics , genuine music. The thing i love about his music is the amount a Melbourne / Australian Hip Hop head can relate to , i feel like we’ve both watched the same show on different TVs for years and each album is like sharing a whiskey and talking shit about the whole thing . There’s a lack of reliance on hooks and a strong focus on real lyrics and head nodding production. Crate Cartel’s momentum is building up to be Australia’s answer to the likes of Wu-Tang and Action Bronson in the US and Jehst / Klash in the UK. Dope

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