#1 Hilltop Hoods: Drinking From The Sun ( Golden Era)

Our Rating

8 Technical wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

8 The boom-bap

9 Harmony

9 Hooks

8 Album cohesion

So to top off the list is the one and only hoods. Left Foot Right Foot was to me a turning point in my hip hop history , it took an interest in a scene and turned it into a love . Drinking from the Sun did something similar in that it reminded me why we shouldn’t be jaded about the success of others if its done in the right way. The Hoods built the roads the riff raff travel on now, they burnt through the shitty contracts that many artists now will avoid . This clip on its own should make it clear, in our scene EVERYONE who means anything will rep the hoods. Suffa releases his best verses i think ever ( slur and all) and you leave the album proud to be in the Australian Hip Hop scene. As an artist that’s something Triple J could never give you , battling dickheads on camera couldnt earn you, its real, genuine integrity.

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