#10. Action Bronson – Saaab Stories (Vice, Atlantic Records)

Our Rating

8 Technical wordplay

7 Lyrical genius

7 The boom-bap

5 Harmony

5 Hooks

6 Album cohesion

Total Ginger Hairs

Signing to a heavy major worried me and I was concerned the hype, like always, would crush the free spirit that makes this guy’s punches so hard, I was wrong though. The strength of this EP lyrically and production should be a key indication he’s been doing this a long time if the features of Raekwon, Wiz Khalifa and Prodigy don’t. This is what the boom bap east coast should be, it’s the past razorbladed into the modern stereo. This isn’t for the holiday hip hop lover and in a way there’s something very special about that.


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