#9. Tech n9ne- Something Else (Strange Music)

Our Rating

9 Technical wordplay

9 Lyrical genius

7 The boom bap

6 Harmony

6 Hooks

6 Album cohesion

Total Double Time End Lines

Tech n9ne has been in the top 10s before for purely lyrical ability. He is in my opinion the most technical emcee on the planet. Too technical can unbalance a hip hop album though and in most cases instrumental production takes a back seat. Tech n9ne had nothing to prove when it came to speed of delivery but more in the mundane nature of his production. There’s only so far screams and heavy synth can carry an artist ( Prove me wrong Yelawolf) . Something Else though is just that – I find myself listening to Hip Hop slammed into Trap – 90s drum machines wire fenced into modern patterns. Multiple collaborating artists ( over 60% of the tracks) become this weirdly successful line of balance to the ferocity of Tech n9nes delivery . 13 studio albums is ridiculous – number 13 is dope as hell

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