7. Logic & Last Resort – More True Talk (Overstand Music)

Our Rating

6 Technical wordplay

6 Lyrical genius

5 The boom-bap

8 The soul

6 Hooks

8 Album Cohesion

Total Powerful Moments

I met Logic 9 years ago just before he dropped his first album at a Skinnyman show. Even then he had this presence about him, a fierce mother f. Every song since he’s gone directly at his listeners with a clear message – Fight for our kids, Fight for freedom, don’t kill for it and be true to yourself. We quote hundreds of authors for similar words daily lackadaisically without any real comprehension of the person behind the message. It’s the relatable perspective of that person that makes those words so powerful however and that’s the power of Logic, you find yourself nodding as you listen to this truth you somehow knew, but never said. This album is the second official collaboration with Last resort and like its successor its powerful whilst remaining relevant in the current hip hop mud we wade through. Real people do real things. A late comer to the year but not to be missed. Dope Logic Mc.


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