6. Jimblah – Phoenix (Elefant Traks)

Our Rating

5 Technical wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

6 The boom bap

9 The soul

7 Hooks

9 Album cohesion

Total Head's down Hand's up

The first Australian on the list and also an extremely powerful debut. Production constructed with rock and indie beds fused with the stock hip hop electronic synths we expect these days. Lyrics that need a second listen to truly hear. An indigenous emcee on a commercial radio station like Triple J ( You heard me….Commercial) is a rare thing . Lyrics like “ Unlawfully stands a generation unlawfully here
I’m awfully scared and scarred from a past I came prepared
One million here to march strong on parliament, swear
This is the oath I promise for a homeless alcoholic”
Stab straight at the heart but its Jimblah’s powerful delivery that really draw you in. He doesn’t fear talking about the alcoholism, violence and oppression that plague our indigenous community nor the injustice, ignorance and greed that enable it. Elefant Traks continually evolve this scene and Jimblah’s fiery entrance compliments an already blazing inferno burning barbecue emcees today.


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