#5. Suli Breaks – The Dormroom EP (UOSB)

Our Rating

7 Technical wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

6 The boom-bap

8 The soul

6 Hooks

9 Album cohesion

Total Suprises

Every year I do these lists I find myself slowly watching the net that was the hip hop genre split in all parts. This year has seen so many sub genre’s burn forward I feel for any critic trying to define success. Suli Breaks may not be on any other list but he makes mine purely for the raw, unrefined nature of his ideas. R.A.P – Rhythm And Poetry has for a long time slowly been an imitation of one person’s boom bap 16 bar stansas so when I hear spoken word I can’t help but hope a little that like the sound of hip hop matures so does it’s writers . At times the words will literally stop you in your boots– The production isn’t brilliant but it isn’t about that, it’s about the poetry and the man who can stand behind world changing words.

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