#1: Horrorshow – King Amongst Many (Elefant Traks)

Our Rating

8 Technical wordplay

10 Lyrical genius

8 The Boom bap

10 The soul

7 Hooks

8 Album cohesion

This is the first time an Australian album has been given my number 1 and probably somewhat predictable given the amount of hyping I have done previously for the duo. With that said I feel comfortable with the decision considering how important this album is for the genre. Solo is easily one of our best emcees given his structure and flow. It’s rare to hear every line crafted as precisely as he does without it sounding complex or contrived. The indigenous disaster in our country should and will remain one of the biggest topics in Australian hip hop in 2014 so it was no surprise to hear it covered on the album. It was far from token though and like always the sharp blade of Solo’s pen tip on tracks like Own Backyard, Listen Close and Make You Proud should drop you to your knees. What really surprised me with this release was that Solo was overshadowed by the impressive production from Adit. It’s one of two albums the whole year I can have on repeat start to finish and not notice it’s repeating. A careful mix of the sample electronic based standards and live acoustic instrument lines spin together cohesively and you can hear that each track could be easily mixed up for some live acoustic sessions. The forever changing drum lines are the highlight for me, and seem to intuitively balance Solo on a knife’s edge throughout. There is no doubt you’ll catch Dead Star Shine in their live set if you haven’t already and I expect Unfair Lottery in rotation for this year too. I didn’t enjoy the collaborations as much as the rest but felt that Doctor’s Orders (feat. Urthboy and Muph) next to Own Backyard were the standouts, good to hear Muph back again. Grey Space remains the favorite and Inside Story went to Solo but King Amongst Many is not to be missed. It has set the bar both content wise and production for anyone considering a commercial release in this country. Outstanding Horrorshow Crew.

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