#10 Mata, Must, Flu & One Sixth – Four Aces EP (Pang Productions &Crate Cartel)

Our Rating

6 Technical wordplay

6 Lyrical genius

7 The boom bap

6 The soul

4 Hooks

7 Album cohesion

10 years ago Australian Hip Hop was to most people not an art worthy of their ears. It began like most things do – raw, untouched, rough and immature against the image of its creators . Today the people who are listening are as diverse as the music we are creating . All opinions aside – this is what is important – create, innovate and express your perception of the context you live in at all costs.

If you have heard of Jehst, Jedi Mind Tricks, Lyrical Commission or Taskforce then you are going to enjoy this number. Im a big fan of instrumental tracks on releases, I think they show a modesty and a respect for the symbiotic relationship good production has with the success of an emcee. When i saw 4 on this 8 track EP i knew the potential of a classic. Indeed it is the instrumentals that shine and yes the multis are a plenty but its the subtle cuts and liquid like sample use that made this release so special to me this year. The EP was like opening a box in your cupboard full of old memories, reuniting with familiar notes you had forgotten and realizing the change of a sound doesn’t mean the denial of its roots. An ice clean soundbed .

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