Oz #9 LGeez : Cloud 9 ( BTE, Obese Records Distro)

Our Rating

9 Technical wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

8 The boom-bap

6 The soul

5 Hooks

5 Album cohesion

No lie Alex Jones is headed for greatness. I expressed how bad Kerser’s release this year was and rest assure in the Top 10 worst albums he’ll see an appearance. The reason its easy to make the loose comparison is the context of music like LGeez’s Cloud 9. You see people throw alot of poor stereotypes around Hip Hop and the word “lad” locally ,irony aside, is as overused and pointless as the word ‘hipster’. Is this Lad music? Don’t care. Cloud 9 is representative of a life and a language alive and well in the streets around this country. I don’t like the content but i respect its purpose and the passion where it feels real. You can hear the work they put in, the time bled into their multis and the moments they’ve shown restraint instead of going where a release like King went . Its not a f’ you i don’t care if you listen ( i.e bullshit) sound – its f’ you this is who we are , where we come from what we want as people. There’s brilliant technical work on songs like Bleeding Drums and Lean & Aloe Vera but most of all Its honest and. pill dropping comments aside. both emcees delivered a very unexpected album. It isn’t flawless and full of easy cliches ( STD,Mdma) but somehow they seem forgivable. What matters is it successfully showcases and holds up what sub culture they represent.. Add to that a feature form another Australian emcee i think is headed for greatness – Prime – and its worth the spin.

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