Aus #7 Phil Geko Gektor – Real Heads Dont Listen ( Crate Cartel )

Our Rating

5 Technical wordplay

6 Lyrical genius

8 The boom bap

8 The soul

7 Hooks

8 Album cohesion

The top 7 in Australia this year were hairs apart . Every single release coming from a very different splinter of the industry. RHDL should in all rights be equal 3rd , The number means nothing in terms of quality so keep lets just that in mind. Geko is not new, this isnt an exciting debut . Its a dope release from an old phantom whose illusive behavior many liken to that ofTrem One . RHDL has this immense soundscape that is just staggering. Tracks push every structure , drill into both of your ears and leave behind this unsettling numbness that desires only one thing – Go back to the start and press play again. Geko’s delivery isn’t for everyone but that’s exactly how he wants it, artful . I loved this album this year , the stain of jazz across some of those darker lyrics is hypnotic and the production maturity is rare in this country. I would rate the release as an instrumental one as much as with the heavy lyrics. Lyrically , like most of Crate Cartel, you can expect complex multis with a plethora of current and past culture reference. Overall its a must to buy and a man to support .


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