Oz #5 – Prime – The Sweetest Victory Of All (Soulmate Records)

Our Rating

7 Technical wordplay

6 Lyrical genius

6 The boom-bap

8 The soul

6 Hooks

8 Album cohesion

A late entrant – I had to hold on the rest of the ten until this was released . When Prime dropped his last EP it felt immature. His lyrical technique is good but his production value didn’t feel on the same level. This release is 10 times his last. The flows are stronger the beats are controlled but for some reason he’s lost some of the passion in his delivery focussing on the technique. Sometimes it feels rushed to express ability and often the technique seems a bit too much like another couple of emcees. Prime says it himself though on All Mine – “ More heart, more skill, more composure” and i think this nails what I’m trying to express about this release . 3 years is a long time between conversations and i think with more regular releases he will head to big things. A must have release for 2014.


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