#5 Hawk House – A Handshake To The Brain (Virgin EMI)

Our Rating

7 Technical wordplay

9 Lyrical genius

8 The boom-bap

7 The soul

6 Hooks

6 Album cohesion

Another UK entrant to the Top 10. Its hard to release an album from 1994 in 2014 , even harder for it to sound like it belongs in both eras of Hip Hop. A Handshake To The Brain as its name states made me connect to memories of a time where boom bap soft snares and jazz samples were symbiotic to a good hip hop release. The flows are Tribe Called Quest meets Jehst and tracks like Vulcan Grip seem to homage to the likes of the Fugees in sound. Matching all that to some modern synths and clever adlib and hook programming . Its a recipe thats been stuck gathering dust against the liquid nitrogen freezing the flavour out of most music today. A sign of the growing momentum of real music returning.

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