OZ #4 Remi – Raw X Infinity (House of Biege)

Our Rating

7 Technical wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

7 The boom bap

7 The soul

9 Hooks

8 Album Cohesion

Remi disrupted a genre. He released something heavily influenced from a more modern version of what drives the majority of his haters.. His lyrical and musical prowess are unchallenged in his jungle but thats because he could be the only tiger in it. His album doesn’t highlight all his strengths – its dope –  but for some reason i couldn’t connect to it as much as others this year. It belongs in every Australian collection and deep inside i believe this will be a release that in 2-3 years will be looked back on as a classic. Triple J Hau cross promotion aside i believe his brand is one of the strongest in the scene but without control  by generic publicists , he feels like a movement. Every video clip he has done is dope as hell too. This release isnt for everyone but I think its a good balance of Love / Hate for anyone willing to take the plunge.

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