OZ #2 -Hilltop Hoods- Walking Under The Stars (Golden Era)

Our Rating

7 Technical wordplay

7 Lyrical genius

8 The boom-bap

9 The soul

7 Hooks

9 Album cohesion

For another year these guys make top 2 . Someone told me this year they don’t listen to them because they are “dad music” but after going to 2 of their shows I can’t seem to see where this comes from. Average age of listener 15-32 (That’s ridiculous) . Walking under the stars is the younger more emotional sister to Drinking from the Sun – Its less posse and focuses on the darker more emotive side of the Hoods personal life. Its without some key politics they’ve been involved in ( Reflux, Obese, 60 etc) directly but expresses a maturity above all this. Their live versions felt contrived and staged which let me down but I loved this album. Maverick Sabre the easy standout and of course Pressure’s piece about his young child’s struggle with cancer.

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