#10 Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – (Cash Money, Motown Records, Universal)

Our Rating

5 Wordplay

5 Lyrical genius

7 Boom-Bap

7 Soul

8 Album cohesion

8 Replay

What the ,

How does this man keep making better music? If you had asked me 6 years ago if i would be talking about Drake in a positive way I would have said you were crazy. His lyrics just used to sound misplaced. His beats sounded like they were given to him as masterpieces and he had this curse to cripple them with overproduction.

Then Nothing Was The Same came and all of a sudden the fog cleared and it all made sense. The veil had lifted and the back catalog actually seemed to sound better. Like a lexicon for the artist that is Drake.

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is an album for everyone. That’s not easy , which is what the sales reflect too. If you think about the amount of hate following this man it’s a wonder he has the emotional strength to create anything. It’s his fuel though and he makes it very clear on tracks like 6 God . Then there’s tracks that appear to just be Drake making music he enjoys which somehow everyone else does too

Don’t get me wrong, the worst parts of drake remain in terms of hubris and narcissism but like Kayne you almost seem to empathise with him and his overwhelming life of wealth and fame. I feel shame everyday for this .

Production is the real ‘what the’ , I challenge you to just focus on the mix in Now & Forever , Legend and Jungle. If you do i promise you will hear the mastery – to describe it as clean and complex would be accurate but wanting in justice.

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