#9 – Fashawn – The Ecology – (Mass Appeal Records)

Our Rating

6 Wordplay

6 Lyrical genius

8 Boom-Bap

8 Soul

7 Album Cohesion

7 Replay

It’s taken a very long time but I can honestly say Fashawn has finally hit the mark across an entire piece. The ecology is his biopic across head nodding boom-bap. The start of this album doesn’t set it up well but progress because you wont be disappointed.  In many ways it feels like 2 EPs put together but that doesn’t detract too much from the final product. The final half is something of a diary , it shows a presence and drive that hip hop celebrates and abandons too frequently. Man of the House  isn’t new in concept or even production but it hits to the very core of this album. Real lyrics, real history wrapped up in a nice little kick snare keys joint.

It’s not for the party hip hop head and certainly not for new entrants. It’s an album for the heads , those who have rocked up to the stage with their headphones on hoping for something special. 2009 was a teaser and from Boy Meets World you knew something had to come from someone touted many times as the new Nas. He isn’t there yet, signed to him sure, but this is as close as he needs to get while remaining who he is.


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