#6 – Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder (It’s a Wonderful World Music Group)

Our Rating

8 Wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

9 Boom-bap

8 Soul

7 Album cohesion

7 Replay

Gutter Rainbows made it into top 10s a couple of years ago because Talib had managed to cross over from independent King to a space that was above Commercial and Independent. Today I think of Talib Kweli as a deity walking in hip-hop. When you are at that status people tend to lose their connection to what made you great. Bandwagonism becomes strong , artists drop your name and you end up being a judge on some imaginary talent show.

So what happens when you team up with arguably one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time 9th Wonder? Indy 500.

It is 100% political. “Which side are you on boy, get off the fence son…if you aint with us then you against us” is the premier of an album that peels the layers of hypocrisy and dries the crocodile tears of listeners globally. Only a giant can fight a giant some would say and make no doubt there lurks a giant one each side of an issue like Ferguson . They don’t shame you , they use their weapon to stray shots right at you . It’s that mix that Talib does so well of positive music and brutal questioning.

An album full of collaborations that speak to you. It isn’t a posse album, its an open mic for some of the best to pick up a mic independently. Its a speech to an audience unaware they are already part of the protest.

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