#7 – Red Pill – Look At What This World Did To Us (Mello Music Group)

Our Rating

6 Wordplay

7 Lyrical genius

6 Boom-bap

7 Soul

9 Album cohesion

9 Replay

Michigan has something in the water i reckon. Eminem , Dilla, Xhibit, Black Milk, Big Sean etc . Young Red Pill may not be amongst those names just yet . He may never be. He doesn’t seem to mind much though.

That is the beauty of this album . It’s an album that highlights how insecure an emcee can get . The relationships that fall apart, the words that never come and constant pressure to get your shit together. It doesnt reach for production it just lays the bed any homeless artist can come sleep in for a moment of self reflection.

Touching on topics from broken relationships – Look At What This World Did To Us, Lost friends/dreams – Kids and Depression- Rum & Coke its like a blueprint for every hip hop album ever made. It doesn’t do that poorly though and it is a monster of a replay album .  Look At What This World Did To Us doesn’t break any new ground just embodies what hip hop should always be about – An individual’s perception of the world.

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