#5 – Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Surf (Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment)

Our Rating

7 Wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

9 Production

9 Soul

8 Album cohesion

7 Replay

Chance the Rapper isn’t for everyone. In fact his debut divided many in terms of classification. Personally i feel that spoken word is the macro and rap just a child of the same beast. He is an artist though – admit it.

To drop a free album ( For some)  it says a number of things , sure the money is in gigs and merch but time went into the release. People came together and a process was worked. There were mistakes and moments of questioning the final outcome. Ultimately it’s like anything though – there is always an end. For most musicians it means new beginnings – release schedules , show promotion etc . So then imagine you did all that to just give it away? That’s because the reason you did it all was so it could be heard. People could connect.

Jazz is back , I feel like Blitz the Ambassador started it but many would argue K.Dot , K.Dot. The fact of the matter is the resurgence is well and truly here. That means Native instruments had to adapt and beyond that bedroom emcees face a much longer road to greatness.  Surf is one of those concept pieces that gets overlooked . People just let it go .

J Cole, B.O.B, Big Sean  and Busta  ( what a year for ol Busta) appear like knights of the round table on this epic foray into Neo-Nod-Your-Head-In-Awe. The space on tracks like  Slip Slide  interweaves with  the pause of Warm Enough but don’t get it twisted you couldn’t bring this to a party and drop it like its going to get you laid. I don’t even think you could have it blast out of those earphones on a train that seem louder to everyone around the listener. It’s too big for that. It needs the right speakers, it needs consideration – there are some moments where the thought of this live with an orchestra makes me want to learn piano.

Mixed masterfully – Presented with restraint – Spoken with purpose.

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