# 4 – Jay Rock – 90059 – (Top Dawg Entertainment)

Our Rating

8 Wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

9 Boom-bap

8 Soul

9 Album cohesion

8 Replay

TDE can easily become one the greatest firework labels to ever have flown towards the stars. When you have the likes of Schoolboy Q and K.Dot next to you I guess you can compare notes and come out with something that will sell records right?

I mean each of them mentioned ‘collard greens’ multiple times on their albums but it would be a stretch to suggest this is joint writing sessions. To argue against that point even more, 90059. I was really apprehensive about copping this album, kind of like when they add another Big M flavour . There was an expectation K.Dot would be emulated, if its selling most labels will carbon copy and reprint ( *cough* Young Thug ) . Jay Rock avoids this adeptly . It has similarities like a winery would in vintages but there is a darkness to this release not see on the others. Where Schoolboy knock s – Jay Rock jabs, Kendrick horn blaaaaows – Jay Rock key taps.

Its an album that feels like an old friend at times ‘ Fly on the Wall’  . It doesn’t dance with its lyrics , it pours them down the throat like smoke.

Surprising till the last second.

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