#2 – Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth (Atlantic)

Our Rating

9 Wordplay

8 Lyrical genius

8 Boom-bap

10 Soul

9 Album cohesion

8 Replay

Guy Sebastian is on this album. Ok? We got that out of the way,  stop talking about it.

Cohesion requires a force to unite the parts. In most hip-hop i would always put that down to either the overall lyrical concept of the album or the production score underneath it. A good producer can lift an average emcee much easier than an emcee can raise a poor producer (T.I).  Lupe has had his fair share of troubles. For many he is that friend you worry about every time they open their mouth in public. ‘No Lupe! Just shut-up and make the music brah’

Lasers deserved to be destroyed by lasers so good on Lupe for throwing that option out to his fans (Lupe Fiasco offers to destroy Lasers album) . Did he make that the way it was because of the chains a bad label put on him? If he did, was this next release the freedom dance that it should have been?


An album with a track of FX generally means we’re about to be told a story and Tesuo & Youth delivers a sermon you can replay till your converted and screaming redemption. If that wasn’t enough Mural comes at you – like a tidal wave – a truck – a lion. In fact for most of the album it was this presence of a force unleashed that gripped me . I wanted to keep working or doing what i was doing but often i found myself frozen in place shaking my head as Lupe finalised a multi. The breath slowly releasing from my mouth .

Yes. Lupe. Yes.

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