Cheese Whiskers (Director)

A wildy creative and eccentric director, Cheese Whiskers isn’t a real person. Whiskers is a pseudonym used by Charles Ward, a 29-year old Melbourne, Australia bred film-nut, who owns a dog named Gilbert and loves a burger. Since he could hold a camera, Whiskers has used film as a vehicle for his vibrant and oftentimes quirky imagination and humour. The characters he creates are memorable and his narrative clever and entertaining. Lucky for us his career’s only just beginning. Cheese Whiskers’ debut short film “Star Struck” won the Audience Award for Best Comedy at the Indiana Short Film Festival.

Full disclosure: there literally aren’t three adjectives in the English language capable of describing the powerful force that is Charlie Ward. Put plainly, he’s a creative guy with a heart of gold, some weird tattoos and a genuine lust for life. From day dot, family, friends and film have been his reason for living. In his brief, 10-year career as a filmmaker, Charlie has experienced a disproportionate amount of success. His debut short film “Star Struck” won multiple awards internationally; his entries to MAFMAD and SOYA were both shortlisted; and his music videos have racked-up tens of thousands of views online. He’s also written a feature-length film; created short-form content for big brands Nike and McDonalds; featured (several times) in great Australian drama Neighbours; and – not so long ago – had a fringe.

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